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Michelle Manno

Teacher turned storyteller.

Education writer, researcher + content strategist. Master's in Education Research. Expertise in K-12 and teacher education. Let's chat: mrm0589@gmail.com

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Rethinking the School to Prison Pipeline

Advocates for equity in education highlight the fact that many school districts emphasize the policing of students as opposed to counseling and are more committed to hiring security officers than school counselors. This approach helps create a “school-to-prison pipeline” that impacts students throughout their educational careers.

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The Huffington Post

Quality Over Quantity: How Screen Media, Not Screen Time, Predicts Your Child’s Future

Actually, your kid should be watching TV. Here's why.


Interactive: Teachers Guide to the Common Core Standards

Through this comprehensive guide, educators not only will become well-versed in these national standards, but also will be able to provide stronger guidance to parents and community members.

The Huffington Post

How to Create Learning Environments That Meet the Needs of All Students

4 keys ways teachers can implement learning theories and classroom design strategies to optimize student learning.


Analysis: 1 in 5 High Schoolers Is Chronically Absent. Here’s What Data Shows About Those Kids

How can increased access to quantitative data surrounding chronic absenteeism help today’s school communities make informed and effective qualitative decisions about students at risk?


Digital Literacy Toolkit

Strategy behind toolkit for K-12 teachers and students to enhance digital literacy skills. Writing by Leah Levy.


The Guide to Pinterest for Educators

Strategy behind "The Guide to Pinterest for Educators" — a toolkit designed with today's digitally-literate classrooms in mind. Writing by Leah Levy.
— USC Rossier School of Education


The Warning Signs Of Teacher Burnout

Skill: Writing
Project: Warning signs and prevention/intervention strategies for mitigating teacher burnout.


Digital Spaces: 12 Best Practices for Multimedia Learning

Design online course content by following best practices to reduce students' cognitive load.
— Edutopia


Creating Inclusive Spaces: The Importance of Classroom Design in Special Education

Interview with USC Rossier alumna and current high school teacher on classroom design in special education.
— Association of American Educators


The Science of Classroom Design

Data visualization. The science and psychology behind what makes a brain-friendly learning environment.
— USC Rossier School of Education


5 Research Based Best Practices for Brain-Friendly Learning Environments

Research shows that your physical classroom can impact student learning, behavior, and overall academic achievement. But how?
— University of Southern California


4 Ways to Use Twitter for Teacher PD

Teachers are using social media to bridge the gap between what research shows is effective professional development and what is being put into practice.
— edSocialMedia


Teaching with Twitter [Infographic]

How teachers can use Twitter to inform their professional development and classroom practices.
— USC Rossier School of Education

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7 Resources to Prevent Bullying, Support Student Mental Health

These organizations are committed to bolstering students’ mental health and preventing bullying.
— Teach for America