Michelle Manno

Michelle Manno

Teacher turned storyteller.

Education writer, researcher + content strategist. Master's in Education Research. Expertise in K-12 and teacher education. Let's chat: mrm0589@gmail.com

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Imgres article

2U Takes Over Hollywood

Thursday night’s events encouraged 2Utes to rethink what it means to be both a company and a community.
— Medium

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A Friday Mixtape for Education Nerds, Part 2

Some of the best education content on the web: CrossFitters propose standing desks, Tennessee takes a stab at teacher evaluation, and more.
— Bright — Medium

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They Taught Me: Sharing the Stories Behind the Statistics

CDC reports now 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with ASD — but they’re just numbers. It’s time to change the conversation. We need to share the stories behind the statistics. Every 1 of these 68s is someone, and all these someones have a story.
— Medium